Our History

1972 - April

The committee seen here in 1972 just before setting off the club Easter tour to Llandudno. It all started as a bit of a laugh when the group formed at the beginning of the 1971/72 season. The principle was simple everyone put 10p into the kitty every week then if someone died the rest would have a booze up on them; don’t forget a pint of beer was then 25p. Well to do the idea justice we decided as a committee we should hold weekly meetings. These were held on Sunday nights starting in the Swffryd Club, then The Star and finishing at Hafod Welfare. At each venue there were different rules of right or left hand drinking, use of christened names or nicknames, no swearing, etc. Everyone would start the evening so carefully but as the beer flowed the mistakes increased and so did the fines. Well we never cashed in our funeral funds (nobody past away) so all the players had a payout at tour time; everyone had enough for a few pints. However the committee thanks to those meetings had enough to pay for their tour. Happy days...

The Committee pictured here were (Left-Right) Barry Phillips, Barry Foxwell, Tony Bates, Derek Broom, Roy Hale & Garrad Knight