Our History

1913 - Feb 1st.

Bobby Lloyd (1888-1930) born in Crickhowell has proved to be somewhat of an enigma. Where did he get this name The Hafodyrynys Wonder?

He was capped for Wales first in 1913 against Scotland and had seven Welsh caps in all in the 5 Nations matches. But in 1914 he moved to Halifax to play rugby league and indeed played some 161 games for the club. In 1920 he gained his one and only Great Britain rugby league cap against Australia on tour and went on to gain a Welsh rugby league cap in 1921. His transfer to league shows he was transferred from Pontypool RFC so still nothing to say where the Hafodyrynys link is. My best guess is that it may come from his association with the mines; in that he was indeed a miner. If he did work in one of the Hafodyrynys mines then it's possible he gained his nickname from this rather than any connection to the Hafodyrynys rugby club. However it would be nice to romanticise about this character having put on a Hafod jersey but sadly I have no evidence of it happening.