About Us

About Us

Hafodyrynys is nestled in Cwm Llwynau valley in Gwent and there has been a rugby team here since at least the 1920’s. However we’re not too sure if the ground we currently use was there in that period. Rumour has it that the playing field was formed during the Great Depression just after the First World War and we do know that the ground was put in trust in 1925 as a recreational or pleasure ground for the good of the people of Hafodyrynys and the surrounding areas. As is the case all throughout the South Wales valleys, it was the coal industry that brought wealth to the areas and was responsible for many of the buildings and facilities we see today, from Miners Institutes to Recreational Grounds. The oldest building on the site is The Pavilion which formed the first changing rooms for the club; but this building was put to many others uses by the local community of the time. Once again actual dates have so far escaped our research but the search goes on. The clubhouse as we know it today has grown and developed over the years and has seen many changes, improvements and facelifts. The club has supported rugby, soccer, cricket and tennis over the years but sadly as interests and support wanes we have seen many of these disappear; not so the current rugby team which is now doing well with promotion through the SWALEC divisions to their current league placing. But it’s toward the youth of the area we look for the future players and with the development of the Junior and Mini sections we seem to be in safe hands.

The 2015 - 2016 Challenge

After a lot of hard work by the team and the backroom staff we seen a better year last season with the club finishing third in the league, just a point behind the second slot. Excitement and expectations are running high for the coming season, especially coupled with the news that the club, after a lot of work, has eventually been granted WRU status (thanks goes to Amy Taylor for her hard work here). On the coaching front we see a change of staff with Mathew Chapman as the backs coach and Gareth Lewis with the forwards, replacing Craig Blunsden and Rob Smith. While the role of Team Manager is taken up by Scott Gameson from Mark Lawrence.

The Rams - Mini & Juniors

In 2011 seen the launch of our Junior & Mini section at the club and we couldn’t have dreamed we’d have had such a great response from surrounding areas. Last year they arranged 120 matches across the season; fielding five age groups from Under 7s to Under 13s. Well done the Mini & Junior committee! Feedback from visiting teams has been marvellous for both facilities and the welcome extended to them. We are still looking for those budding stars of tomorrow; visit the Junior & Mini page for more information. Both boys and girls are welcome.